About us

What do we offer?

• Distribution of your drawing documentation for the manufacturing of your products.
• Manufacturing of the components according to your drawings.
• CNC machining operations - cutting, drilling, milling, turning, etc.
• Serial cutting of the aluminum and plastics in the mitre saw ELUMATEC MGS 142/11.
• Welding of your components and constructions.
• Surface finishing - sand blasting, polishing, paint spraying, blackening, anodizing, etc.
• Controlling of the product manufacturing from beginning of the contract to the delivery date.
• Mounting and completing your components and assemblies.
• Transport of the finished components to your company or your choose destination.

Why is it good to cooperate with us?

• We can provide a complete installation and application of your systems and components anywhere.
• We will make the price offer according to your financial requirement, on the base of consultations.
• We will guarantee your required quality of your components.
• You will get the price offer maximum to the 48 Hours (according to the quantity and parts complications).
• With the cooperation with our partners we can work up your order quickly and on highly professional level.
• We will always talk to you about prices and problems.
• To keep the delivery date is our priority.


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